Friday, February 4, 2011

It's only January!

Oh my god.  Some of us have to race in February.  If i'm faster than you ALL SEASON LONG, you don't get to complain about how fast i'm riding just because of the month.

I've been doing base since October, so don't tell me how hard to train and when to do it.  Apparently I'm doing something right.  Perhaps instead of giving me advice,  you should reassess your own ideas about training.

that, or:

Harden the Fuck up.


  1. I've been free-basing since October is that the same? Just kidding! Becareful with all that speed in Feb, as I learned last week (2x) Bike+Fast+Ice=Sore Ass.

    Hope all is well...sounds like it is.

  2. Oh, and that race in february was a stage race. I won the road race stage and got second overall. Yay for training in January.