Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dear Pathlete,

There are 7 people in this state that are faster than me on a flat road.
And you probably aren't one of them.

So pass me or don't, but if you're gonna blaze by, don't get all offended when you get tired and I have to make the choice to re-pass you or sit awkwardly behind you as you get weaker and weaker.


  1. I've read most of your comments here mate and I have to say that you sound like a bit of an idiot to me. You are mostly either deriding other cyclists for their physical inferiority to you or mocking then for not following the fashion 'rules' you so carefully adhere to. You define yourself by your physical superiority over some people and your idolatry of others who are physically superior to you. Life for you is a non-stop hierarchy judgement. It's a real pity.
    Cycling is a joy. It is liberating, not shackling. Other than for safety, there are no rules. People should ride however they want, wearing whatever they want, however quickly or slowly they fancy. And if they should overtake you on your precious 'mandated wattage'(!) recovery ride then so be it; is you who look a tool for making excuses about it online.
    If I saw you on a ride I would overtake you. You would, of course, overtake me back - your fragile ego would force you to - but I wouldn't give a shit, because I have bigger and more profound fish to fry in life than how many people in my local area are faster than me, and I don't need to define my self-worth by constantly asserting my superiority over other people.

    1. This comment really is its own reply, and I can't imagine that responding to it could make it any awesomer.

  2. Thanks! I don't mean any harm, I just got a bit fed up with all the rules and endless testosterone torrent.