Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Helmet Visors: We aren't savages

I really need to get quicker with the camera.  I spotted a guy on Lookout this thursday riding a Ridley (newer, don't know which model) with Reynolds deep carbon wheels and a helmet with a VISOR, yes a visor.

I know you're fat and slow, but if you were fast, you'd know that you can't wear a helmet visor while riding in the drops because you need to look up through the space that the visor is taking up.   Since you are trying to give the appearance that you are fast, you need to remove the visor.

Helmet visors are for mountain bikers.  We are NOT mountain bikers.


  1. kudos for a very entertaining and instructive blog (especially for a Commutist with pretentions).

  2. what about cycling caps? I wore one on a very fast evening group ride this week. We're at quite a northerly latitude here and when the sun goes down it gets in your face at a shallow angle. Found myself chewing my stem trying to hold someones wheel and I could hardly see in front of me due to the cap peak.

    PS what is your twitter?